Battle of the Balms: Eos vs. Baby Lips

babylipss-1024x416Hi beauties!

Let me just take a minute to apologize for my absence! My personal life has been incredibly busy the last two weeks and I found myself with barely enough time to catch up on my blog reading, let alone writing. But Im back now so lets get to it.

I’ve been a loyal Baby Lips lover for over a year now. It was actually the cherry red tinted lip balm that first caught my attention. I use it throughout the day to rehydrate my lips when I’m rocking a classic matte red lip. It keeps my lips soft while still producing colour payoff. Win-win!

I eventually found myself picking up some of the other colours (Peach Kiss is my absolute fave, I always have a tube in my purse!) as well as the peppermint scented colourless balm. I really like that the Baby Lips formula contains SPF, making it a smart choice for summer or when you’ll be spending some time outdoors.


I soon became addicted. And I don’t mean “oh I love the smell/colour of this so I’m gunna re-apply it every half-hour” I mean addicted to the point where my lips craved it and it only took me two weeks to go thru a whole bullet of the peppermint balm, which can become quite expensive since Baby Lips sells for a ridiculous $5 in Canada. (Vs. $3.50 at Target US)

The worst part about my Baby Lips addiction wasn’t the price tag, but the way my lips were starting to feel. At first my beloved lip balm would soothe me of tight, thin lips but now it was starting to create that feeling. If I didn’t reapply every 30-45mins, my lips would start to show signs of dehydration and damage thanks to the petroleum included in the formula.

While at Target one day I noticed that they had Eos on sale for $3, so I hopped right on the bandwagon and picked up the Honeysuckle Honeydew flavour. Let me tell you, after the very first application of this heavenly scented balm I totally understood all the rave and hype behind these little gems. My lips were instantly revitalized and most importantly, conditioned.Not only do these little guys smell amazing, but they’re 100% Organic and 95% Natural, so go ahead and lick your lips! They’re also safe for use on children and pregnant women since they don’t contain toxins, which is always a bonus in my book.

Overall, Im still a fan of Baby Lips. They offer a sheer wash of colour that I look for somedays. But when it comes down to performance and hydration, Eos is the winner everytime. I can tell that the Eos formula actually penetrates my skin and conditions it from the inside out (so I don’t have to apply it nearly as often) while the Baby Lips just sits on top of the skin and eventually makes the damage worse. Not to mention, Eos is over a dollar cheaper and offers a huge variety of flavour/scent combinations, so there is a lip balm for everyone! (I even caught my hubby using mine so often that I bought him his own!)

What do you use to keep your lips hydrated?

Do you have a favorite scent of Eos? Let me know in the comments below!

Peace Love and Lipgloss,

-M. xx


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