4 Week Plan for the Perfect Faux Tan


You’ve got the dress, the date and the dance moves all planned out, but what about the perfect prom accessory–a healthy, sun-kissed complexion? Every smokey eye and flirty updo looks better with a slightly golden skin tone. Follow my guide and your glow will look flawless, not faux.

4 Weeks Before Prom
Start looking after your skin by exfoliating regularly to remove dead, dry skin cells and using a body brush to improve circulation. Don’t forget to to moisturize before bed–while you sleep your body is in rejuvenation mode so moisturizing before bed will have a more powerful impact on the skins hydration levels. The better condition your skin is in the better your tan will look and last! Product Picks: Use St. Tropez Body Polish (or make your own!) every couple of days in the shower and St. Tropez Body Moisturizer every day before bed.

3 Weeks Before Prom
Self-tan your body from tip to toe! I recommend the award-winning St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse. It applies easily and streak-free with their applicator mitt and can be followed up by St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Spray on your face, back and hard to reach areas.

2 Weeks Before Prom
Now is when you might want to start using a gradual self-tanner so your skin has a slight base before the big glow. Try Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream to hydrate, illuminate, firm and even out your skin tone.

1 Week Before Prom
If you have any waxing to do, now is the time to do so. If you wax or shave after the tan, it will lift the tan, leave streaks or both. You want to go with the hair removal method that lasts the longest–waxing. If you plan to keep your tan for a week or more you’ll end up with stubble if you’ve shaved. If you want to reduce any pain that can stem from waxing try Completely Bare’s Numbing and Cooling Spray to numb and sooth the skin pre and post wax.

2 Days Before Prom
Apply a layer of self-tanner from tip to toe. I suggest applying it in the evening so that you can relax afterwards without disrupting the development of the self-tan. A self-tanner will always work best if its allowed to develop overnight; your body temperature will heat up and pores will open up allowing the self-tan to really get into the skin and develop to its full potential.

The Day Before Prom
Check your body over and see if there are any areas you may wish to deepen. If your legs are going to be on display, you might want to apply another layer of self-tanner or gradual tanner to give the skin an extra boost, and to create and define muscle tone. Simply spray 6 inches away from the skin and sweep around the contours and curves of the body. Spray under the inner arm and top of the arm, shoulders and in between cleavage, sides of the stomach, underneath your bottom, sides of the thighs and along the shins to really contour your entire body.

The Big Day
Once your dress is on and hair and makeup complete, you will need to add one last final touch to the exposed skin. St. Tropez Luxe Dry Oil is a fantastic skin finishing product! Its a dry oil, so it won’t be greasy and won’t get onto your clothes. The oil is formulated with Brazil Nut for deep moisturization and has a subtle mica instant shimmer that will make you party ready. Simply shake the bottle to disperse the mica and apply the dry oil onto an applicator mitt and smooth over key focal areas of your exposed limbs. Your skin will look radiant and fresh with a subtle shimmer. Now you’re ready for #selfies!

Did you attend your Prom? What was your favourite part about getting ready? Or your favourite memory? Do you still have your dress? Let’s chat in the comments!

Peace Love and Lipgloss xx


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