New Gems: Rose & Co. and Blimey’s British Gift Shop

While strolling through my tiny little town the other day, I decided to pop into a new shop that’s opened up in the past few weeks called Blimey’s British Store and Gift Shop. For those of you that have read my Liebster Award post, you’ll know that I have an odd obsession connection to England and all things Brit. Upon walking into the store I was very kindly greeted by the owners, a husband & wife straight from England, charming accents and all. The shop couldn’t be any more adorable–set up with glassware & tea sets, Beatles memorabilia, British snacks and even a small bath & beauty section! Attached to the shop is an equally adorable vintage store with loads of furniture, ornate mirrors and old tea cups. It’s as if the owners are after my own heart!

After wandering around the entire store, I event1979679_388529867956545_1637271557_nually made my way back to the bath and beauty section. (Of course!) Set up was a gorgeous display of Rose & Co. bath and beauty products, a line that I’ve yet to discover! Displayed was a selection of their Patisserie de Bain line, which included cupcake bath fizzies, handmade soaps, hand cream, and lip balms all in elegant, Victorian-inspired packaging. The beauty guru in me couldn’t help but trying out the samples of each product they offered, and fell in love with the different scents–Strawberry Cupcake, Lemon Bon Bon and Sugared Violet.

After a little sniffing and sampling, I decided to go with the Sugared Violet lip balm in a squeezable tube, rather than the tin. I somehow managed to restrain myself and only buy one item during my visit, telling myself I would come back next week for another.20140410-144407.jpg

The package reads:
A violet scented protective lip balm to remind you of childhood, flowers, and happy things.

I LOVE the smell of this. It’s so different from anything I’ve ever tried before and not a scent I’d expect from North American companies. This line reminds me of my grandmother, very feminine and dainty in packaging and scent.

And performance wise, Im liking this stuff so far! Its not overly waxy and absorbs into my lips quickly. The beeswax and sweet almond oil within the lip balm keeps my lips hydrated for a good amount of time, about as long as my Eos lip balm would! This stuff isn’t just a pretty package!

Keep your eye out for more posts as I discover more of Rose & Co.‘s lovely products.

Have you ever heard of or tried any Rose & Co. products? What is one of your favourite beauty discoveries? Do you have a favourite line that isn’t from your country? Let’s chat in the comments!

Peace Love and Lipgloss xx

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4 thoughts on “New Gems: Rose & Co. and Blimey’s British Gift Shop

    • I just feel like there’s so much history, culture and character in England rather than here in Canada where everything is very bland/americanized and multi-national. I guess as a Canadian I see it as “The Mother Land” and we’re the kids wearing the cultural hand-me-downs haha.

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