Oh, Lorde: MAC’s New It Girl


Since she hit the scene last year, Lorde has had us mesmerized by her killer coolness, her oh-so-simple vampy style and of course, her music. When I heard earlier this year that Lorde and M·A·C would be collaborating, I squealed in excitement for a minute had a feeling we would see some dark, moody lip shades and of course a trusty black liner.

With official announcements and photos released earlier this week, Lorde has delivered “Pure Heroine,” a deep plum lipstick, and a black-aMAClordes-night “Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapidblack.”  The lipstick will be listed for $16 while the eyeliner will be $19.50.

The limited-edition collaboration will be available at maccosmetics.com and in the M·A·C stores in Times Square and on Fifth Avenue in New York City, from June 5 to July 3.

A huge “atta girl” to Lorde, who at 17 has already taken the world by storm and has surely left her mark. I myself am a big fan not only of her music, (I downloaded Pure Heroin the week it was released and listened to it on repeat for 3weeks!)but also of her wiser-than-her-years outlook on beauty, the media, and life overall. This, my friends, is the girl you want your teenager to look up to.

What do you think of the M·A·C Lorde collection? It is what you’d expect to see in a collab between M·A·C and Lorde? Will you be purchasing it? Let’s chat in the comments!

Peace, Love and Lipgloss x


3 thoughts on “Oh, Lorde: MAC’s New It Girl

      • I think its dark without being too dark and will look great with most complexions! I just like darker colors more for fall and winter… but I have to buy this anyway!

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