10 Things No One Told You About Concealer

You’d be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t use concealer as a part of her daily beauty routine these days. What with the dark circles, blemishes and generally uneven skin tone that seems to take over our faces, concealer is one of the most important beauty products we use. But, just because we all use it doesn’t mean we’re using it properly.

From knowing whether to apply concealer before or after foundation to learning the difference between green, pink and yellow formulas, I’ve pulled together 10 things no one ever tells you about concealer so that you can have flawless, even skin tone easily. Read on!

1. Apply before foundation: There’s been a debate about whether to apply concealer before or after foundation, but I suggest applying beforehand. Getting problem areas (like blemishes or dark circles) evened up before applying foundation makes for a smoother end result.

2. What green concealer does: Green concealers neutralize red zones on your face, like blemishes or red spots. Use green concealer to better cover up acne, but don’t use green on darker parts of your face such as dark circles or spots.

3. What yellow concealer does: Yellow helps to even out skin tone overall, so use this on your face in areas that need equalizing. Yellow is the safest concealer color and works well for women who need basic concealing in general.

4. What pink concealer does: Like green concealer, pink works to neutralize the dark blue or purplish areas on your face, such as dark circles or spots. If you’ve got serious under eye circles or dark spots, pink concealer will help to cover up those areas.

5. Use it with loose powder: Especially under your eyes, loose powder over top of concealer helps to set it in place and goes one step further to even out skin tone. Simply use a translucent powder with a large, fluffy brush to sweep powder over the concealer.

6. Go one shade lighter: When choosing a concealer, go about one shade lighter than your foundation. If you’re applying concealer to dark or red areas, using one shade lighter than the rest of your makeup will help to even out those tones. Be wary not to go too much lighter (or darker) with the product, though, as it can be a dead giveaway that you’re wearing too much makeup.

7. Use it as a primer: Nothing helps your eyeshadow stay in place more than a great primer, especially if you’re planning a long night or you’ve got eyelids that are more on the oily side to begin with. Because of concealer’s consistency, it works as a smooth, slip-free base for your eyeshadow, plus it’ll help to make your shadow colors more vivid because it neutralizes your eyelid color first.

8. To keep it from looking caked on: First, go for a more lightweight concealer to prevent a caked on look. Make sure that you’re prepping your eye first with a gel or cream moisturizer, as dry skin underneath concealer can make it look packed on.

9. Use a sponge, and dot: For the most even distribution, apply concealer along the bottom of your eye in four or five small dots. Using a makeup sponge, gently blot the concealer into skin. Applying in dots will help with even, crease-free distribution of the concealer.

10. Use it to clean up excess makeup: To clean up stray mascara (or other makeup) by dipping a cotton swab in a bit of concealer, you’re cleaning up the area and covering it up at the same time. Genius!

What are some of your concealer/flawless skin secrets? What’s your favourite formula or brand?

Peace Love and Lipgloss xx


Update: Happenings


So let me just call myself out on how bad I am at keeping up with my writing when things start to get busy! I seriously need to start pre-posting or find a guest poster to keep you guys entertained while I’m running around. Anyways, I’ll save the excuses and get straight into what’s been going on lately;

Well, prom AND wedding season are in their full, chaotic glory. I can’t even count how many emails, phone calls and bridal previews I’ve had in the past few weeks. Don’t get me wrong–Im certainly NOT complaining, I just have a lot goin’ on right now and I always feel like I have something to do or an email to return. Ahh, anxiety. On top of the usual peek-season craziness, it seems everyone and their mother wants to learn some new beauty techniques this spring so I’ve also been booking a bunch of beauty consultations & personal lessons. I’ve gotta say, I love the look on my clients face at the end of their lesson when they realize they can achieve the look they desire, and they can do it themselves! So gratifying.

One of MANY bridal previews.

Aside from that, I’m putting the finishing touches on my studio (OMG, yay!) and getting ready for my wine & cheese Grand Opening party later this month! I still can’t believe how great my vision came into reality and that its actually HAPPENING. It’s suuuuuper cute (if I do say so myself!) and I can’t wait to finally reveal it to everyone! I reached out to some local artisans & small business owners for door prizes and stuff to include in my goodie bags and I’ve been absolutely shocked at how generous people are! There really is still some good in this world.

I celebrated my birthday on Cinco de Mayo with a nice, relaxing day in and a lovely dinner with the boy. We decided upon a English-style pub in the next town over called Lord Amherst. I can’t believe it took us this long to try it! It’s a perfectly cozy place right downtown along the Detroit River where they serve local craft beer and traditional “pub” food with a gourmet twist. In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, I indulged myself in my first-ever Tequila Sunrise and loved it! We ordered a Stuffed Yorkie dinner and Steak & Guinness Pot Pie to share, I of course dove right in without thinking to take a photo like the hipster foodie that I am. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll return!

Of course, I manage to take a photo of our drinks!

Although I thoroughly enjoyed my quiet, low-key birthday, I am definitely looking forward to Thursday when we continue the celebration at Caesar’s Palace with the Ellie Goulding concert! Back in March I spotted that she would be coming to town and my hubz being the sweetheart that he is, made us arrangements to see her and spend a couple nights at the casino. I’m such a lucky gal. I intend to dance and drink my little heart out, and hopefully win a bit of cash if Im lucky!

Isn’t she adorable?!

Well that’s about all the excitement going on in my part of the world. Now that its down in writing it doesn’t seem so crazy, but I’ve felt so rushed and scheduled the past couple weeks. I just need to make it til June! Anyways, what’s going on in your life? Any events coming up or exciting summer plans? Better yet, who has some gambling tips/good luck charms?! Haha!

Peace Love and Lipgloss x