‘Scuse me while I brag for a minute…

Because I’ve been PUBLISHED!

Little ol’ me. MY work. In a real-life magazine!

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind and I couldn’t be happier that they’re finally over at the outcome of them.

May was a completely crazy month that I finished off by hosting the grand opening of my studio! I held a wine & cheese party and invited some friends, family and clients over to help me celebrate the completion and opening of my beloved studio. It was a lovely night and everyone really loved the space. (A dedicated post and photos soon to come, promise!)

With the end of prom season comes the hurricane that is Wedding Season. As Brides begin to pour into my studio, Im beginning to think about how I can develop my career and skills in other areas of makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing bridal makeup, its just not exactly what I want to be doing. My choice to become a makeup artist had nothing to do with weddings or brides, and in 5 years time I do not see my career as mainly Bridal as it is now. So, I’ve been working on some “fun” stuff; getting in touch with models and photog’s to collaborate on concept photoshoots, doing hair & fashion shows…anything that doesn’t involve a white dress.

I submitted some of my work to Surreal Beauty Magazine and was lucky enough to catch someone’s eye. I received an email last week saying that they chose me to be the featured stylist for the “Head Over Heels” pinup issue! The feature was released last Saturday and I downloaded my digital copy immediately! SurrealBeautyCover

THAT’S MY NAME! When I saw my name on the cover I started squealing. I still cant stop looking at it.It’s just so…surreal. Bad pun intended!SurrealBeautyContentsSurrealBeautyFeat

And there it is! My name in lights…er, print. Either way, Im pretty stoked even 3 days later. And how awesome is it that I just so happen to share a spread with one of my favorite pinup models, Miss Memphis Monroe?! I seriously can’t thank the team at Surreal Beauty enough, as well as the lovely models and photographers who helped me create the images that got me noticed!

SurrealBeautyFeatureThis milestone has confirmed to me that hard work and determination DO eventually payoff. I feel accomplished, yet motivated to do more and continue to set new goals. To think and work outside of my box. To build my name, and my empire. I hope that my little triumph has motivated you to apply for that promotion or try something new that you had doubts about. Never doubt yourself or cut yourself short before you’ve even tried. Life is a big game of trial & error, you only lose if you never try!

Peace, Love and Lipgloss Kisses xx


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