Important Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Wedding



Ahh, weddings. As girls we dream about our special day for years…the dress, the man. But when wedding planning becomes a reality, so to does the ever-tightening Wedding Budget. As your bank account drains and the DIY list becomes larger, cutting corners seems like an obvious way to save some cash here and there, but there are some things you just can’t go without, or cheap-out on. Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist may not be something everyone thinks of when searching for wedding vendors, but below I’ve listed some important reasons why a good Makeup Artist is just as important as a good photographer for your wedding.

Glowing, Beautiful Skin

A Professional Makeup Artist will be able to analyze the current condition of your skin, and if needed, make suggestions to improve your skin so your makeup applies (and stays!) flawless for the special day. This is done during a preview or trial session which is usually held 4-8weeks prior to your wedding date, and allows you to meet your artist, discuss the details of your wedding, design a skin care regimen and of course, try out your custom bridal look! Most Bridal Makeup Artists offer preview sessions, as this not only gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll love your makeup, but it helps us prepare and flow smoothly on the day-of.

Knowledge is Power

Sure, most of us do a decent job on our everyday makeup, but makeup for photography is SO different, and only a Professional Makeup Artist knows exactly what will work, and what just won’t cut it. A Pro Makeup Artist will know how to enhance your best features–while down-playing the others, has studied colour-theory and techniques to ensure you look fantastic, and is equipped with the right products and tools to guarantee it stays in place all day long. Bridal makeup has to stay perfect for 12+ hours, do you really want to put that in the hands (and makeup bag) of the girl down-the-road?


Did you know that SPF causes a white flashback in photography? A Professional Makeup Artist has extensive knowledge of products, their ingredients and how they interact with each other, the elements and the medias. A Professional Makeup Artist has a kit stocked full of professional, camera-friendly products that look beautiful in person as well as HD photos. You will be properly colour matched and blended so that your entire body is the same shade in photos. Not only does this make you look perfectly polished, the photographer’s life will be much easier not having to match your face and neck in editing!

You’re the Bride!

Now that we’ve covered the technical stuff, let’s not forget one major fact….YOU’RE THE BRIDE! All eyes are going to be on you, whether your wedding is intimate or an extravaganza. Thousands of photos will be taken of you that day, and you want to look flawless from “I do” to last call. You’ve spent a pretty penny on your dress, photographer, venue…why skimp on your face? In this industry like many others you get what you pay for, I can’t stress this enough. If you’re comfortable letting a cosmetology student without much experience or a kit do your makeup, then please be comfortable looking like a cosmetology student did your makeup. Experience, knowledge and the performance of high-quality products cannot be faked, and in the end, the extra bit of cash you saved on your MUA aren’t worth the smudged mascara and sub-par wedding photos.

Perfect Party

While of course all of the attention will be on you, the blushing bride, you still want your bridesmaids to look polished for pictures. During your Bridal Preview session, you and your Makeup Artist will also discuss details regarding your bridal party and design a look that will cater to each girl’s unique style, yet create a complimentary overall look for the entire party. The women you ask to stand beside you on your special day are a reflection of yourself, so you want them to look great too, right?!

Peace of Mind

Probably the biggest luxury and benefit from hiring a professional makeup artist is the peace of mind they give you! This is your special day, so sit back and let the professionals pamper you while the MOH takes care of the flowers! If you hire a mobile makeup artist like myself, you get to enjoy the convenience of the artist coming to you–no travel time and shuffling around to worry about. A Professional Makeup Artist will work with you to create a timeline that fits your day, create a fun and relaxing environment, and leave you glammed up and feeling great! With all of the emotions you’re going to be feeling that day, why worry about whether or not your eyeliner is too thick on one side? Leave it to a pro!

IMG_4872Book a preview to design and try out your Bridal Hair and Makeup today!