Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Toxin-Free Beauty at Lux Makeup Artistry

At Lux Makeup Artistry we care about our animal friends and the long-term health effects of chemicals in beauty products, which is why we carry a wide variety of professional-quality Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Toxin-Free products and tools. Whether you have sensitive skin or a love for furry friends, take comfort in knowing you can achieve the look you desire without damaging your moral compass…or health! 

Organic/Vegan/Cruelty-Free/Toxin-Free brands we carry:

  • RCMA Makeup
  • Inglot Cosmetics
  • Ardell
  • Urban Decay
  • NYX Cosmetics 
  • Anastasia of Beverly Hills
  • Ben Nye
  • Charlotte Tilbury 
  • Kett Cosmetics
  • Cover FX
  • Kryolan Professional Makeup
  • Milani Cosmetics
  • LUSH
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 
  • Too Faced Cosmetics
  • Burt’s Bees
  • Tarte 

With our vast selection of “clean” beauty products, a full face of flawless makeup using only completely friendly products and tools is easily achievable! 

Why is Toxin-Free beauty important?

Even the most minimalist of women slather themselves in hundreds–if not thousands–of chemicals daily. Beauty products, from your bathing toiletries to your face wash, deodorant, lotions and makeup, all contain various amounts of both active and filler chemicals that cause real health hazards such as hormone imbalance, premature peuberty and menopause, fertility issues and even various forms of cancer. 

If you’d like to learn more about “clean beauty” and how you can make the conversion, feel free to contact me or leave a comment below! Similarly, if you know of any great natural/cruelty free brands you think I should about please feel free to let me know in the comments! 

xx Peace Love and Lipgloss. 

Bride-to-be Beauty Guide


We all want to be the best possible version of ourselves on our wedding day, but to achieve that takes much more than a Pinterest-worthy dress and pretty makeup. Below is my bride-to-be guide that I send to each of my Brides to look and feel great on your big day.

6 Months before the Wedding
Start a Skincare Regimen—Flawless, glowing skin is easily achievable with a proper skin care routine suitable to your skin type. Start by going for a skin care analysis to determine your skin type and issues. The aesthetician will recommend a routine and products that are best suited for your skin to get you picture perfect for your big day.

Drink a lot of Water—Getting plenty of hydration is more important now than ever. Drinking the recommended daily amount of water will keep your skin clear and radiant, help maintain your diet and weight, keep your sleep cycle in check and so much more. Add some lemon for some detoxifying benefits too!

3 Months before the Wedding
Plan & Book your Service Appointments—Begin to plan out the services you’ll need just before the wedding, such as a mani/pedi, and begin to book your appointments to ensure your desired time slot.

Book a Facial…or Two—Booking a facial is often over-looked in the bridal beauty process but the benefits speak for themselves. A facial will balance out your skin’s pH levels, deep clean, and remove excess skin leaving you fresh-faced and ready for makeup. This is especially recommended if you have oily/acne prone or problematic skin.

Book a Makeup Preview—Booking a professional makeup artist is just as important to how your photos will turn out as your photographer is. Only a professional artist knows which products are camera-friendly, which will suit your skin type & tone best, and the techniques to long-lasting makeup. Most artists offer a Bridal Preview which is the perfect opportunity to meet the artist, share your visions for your big day, and design a look you’ll love.

2 Months before the Wedding
Try out your Tan—Every bride wants a healthy glow on her big day. A few months before your wedding, book an organic spray tan (not too dark!) to see how it turns out. If it’s the right shade and not streaky, book with the same artist for two days prior to the wedding. Always wear SPF and avoid excessive sun exposure, burnt skin and bikini strap marks are hard to cover up!

Just Before the Wedding
Get your Hair Done (2 weeks prior)—Touch up your colour and trim those dead ends. Stay with a natural colour or very similar to what your current shade is, this isn’t the time to try something new!

Hair Removal (1 week prior) —Brows, arm pits, lip, legs, bikini. Whether you’re waxing, plucking or Nair-ing, give yourself at least 5 days before the event to alleviate any irritation that might occur.

Drink a lot of Water—Yes, it’s important enough to be on the list twice. Drink up!

Get a lot of Sleep/Avoid Caffeine—With stress, excitement, and to-do lists piling up, it’s easy to have a few short nights in the final weeks before the big day. Getting enough rest is crucial to how you look and feel on your special day, so say no to that 3pm coffee (grab some lemon water instead!) and don’t be shy to take an afternoon siesta to get you through the day.

Enjoy the Pampering—This is by far the most important piece of advice, and the one that’s most easily forgotten; Enjoy yourself. Enjoy people catering to your every whim, having luxurious services we don’t always treat ourselves to. This is your special moment, soak it up!

Summer Beauty: Hot Weather Hacks Every Girl Should Know

hotweatherSummer is all about fun on the beach and enjoying the gorgeous weather with friends. While it’s my favorite season for obvious reasons, there are some aspects of the hot weather that can really put a damper on our beauty routines. Whether it’s your blowout getting frizzy in all of two minutes or your nail polish bubbling up because of the heat, summer brings about a few challenges. Luckily, I’ve got some crazy – but effective –  hot weather beauty hacks that make surviving the summer easy.

#1. Sprinkle Baby Powder over your skin after the beach and sand will wipe right off.
The same way that baby powder can act as a dry shampoo (in a pinch) to absorb excess oil, it works wonders at the beach. Once you’ve got your fill of sun and sand for the day, sprinkle baby powder on your feet, legs, and anywhere else where you’ve got sand stuck to you. The powder will absorb the moisture on your skin from sweat and salt water (which is what makes the sand stick to you) and you’ll be able to wipe all of the sand off immediately. High five for a sand-free trip home!

#2. Mix a paste of Baking Soda and water to remove any self-tanner mistakes.
The safest way to tan is to avoid the sun altogether, but using self-tanner means that sometimes there will be mistakes. To remove any streaky or overly orange patches on your skin, mix together baking soda and a bit of water to create a paste. Use the mixture to gently exfoliate your skin where you need to even out the tanner and you’ll be set!

#3. Apply deodorant to the back of your neck before blow drying hair to avoid sweating.

Besides frizz, the worst part of heat styling your hair during the summer is sweating while you’re styling. We all know the struggle of blow drying our hair, and essentially needing another shower once we’re done because of sweat. Avoid all of this with a simple hack: Apply a powder (not gel) deodorant to the back of your neck about 10 minutes before blow drying your hair. It’ll have the same antiperspirant effect on your neck as it does under your arms.
#4. Use Dry Shampoo at night to absorb excess oil & sweat by morning.
Dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend year-round, but during the summer, it’s actually better when you don’t apply it in the morning. Spritz your roots with dry shampoo at night to let the product absorb oil (and perspiration) throughout the night. Giving dry shampoo a bit of time to work its magic will give you much better results.

#5. Freeze Aloe Vera gel in ice cube trays to treat sunburns.
Much as we try to prevent sunburn, there are just some days when we miss a spot while putting on sunscreen or we forget to reapply during a day outside. Aloe vera is one of the best ways to soothe burned skin, but chilled aloe vera is even better. Fill up an ice cube tray with aloe vera gel and keep it in your freezer all summer, then pop out a cube or two when you need some extra relief.

#6. Squeeze Lemon Juice onto sweat stains before laundering to remove the stain completely.
Sometimes, even if you’re using clinical strength products, you wind up with stains under your arms on your favorite shirts. If you’re out of spot remover, squeeze lemon juice onto the stains before tossing into the laundry. The acidity of the lemon will lift the sweat stains right out of your shirts.

#7. Keep Nail Polish in the fridge to avoid bubbles while painting your nails.
DIY manicure mavens know that nothing ruins all your hard work like bubbles in your polish. During the summer, the heat can react with the ingredients in nail polish to make it thicker and a bit globby. Store your nail polish in the fridge, keeping it cool and thus getting a much smoother paint job when you do a manicure. If you can’t fit your entire collection in the fridge (because really, who could?) just put the colors you’ll be using, your base and top coat in the fridge for about an hour before you paint your nails for the same effect.

#8. Coat your razor in Olive Oil between shaves to keep it from rusting.
Besides being dull, rust on razors is one of the quickest ways to get nicks while you’re shaving — not to mention infections. Keep your razor alive for longer by storing it outside of the shower, and coat the blades in olive oil between uses to protect the metal from rusting.

#9. Use chilled Chamomile tea bags along your bikini line to soothe bumps & rashes.
Bikini line rash happens to just about everyone, but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer. Steep a few bags of chamomile tea in hot water, then let them cool for about 15-20 minutes in the freezer. Lay the tea bags along your bikini line where you see a rash and let the calming effects of the herbs do their job.

#10. Rub Dryer Sheets on your clothes and keep one in your pockets to repel bugs.
Spending a ton of time outside this summer? Chances are, you’re in a buggy area, which means you’ll need some serious repellent to avoid being eaten alive. To repel bugs, rub dryer sheets all over your clothes (and even your legs), then keep one or two in your back pocket or tucked into your shorts. The scent will repel bugs without needing to spray yourself with bug repellent every few minutes.

Do you have any hot weather life or beauty hacks that you’ve accidentally discovered, or have been passed down to you by your family? Share the wisdom in the comments!

Summer Beauty: The Best Waterproof Mascaras


Hot weather can mean many things, but for us beauty junkies it typically means figuring out ways to get our makeup to stay put. Number one on my list? Waterproof mascara. Most of us refuse to leave the house without a full layer of mascara across our lashes, so when the temps rise we need one that we know won’t smear down our faces. Luckily, that’s where waterproof formulas come into play – especially if we plan on jumping into the pool or the ocean throughout the day too.

But, most of us also know that not all waterproof brands are created equal. Some still flake off, and some simply will never come off when we want them to. Just because we want that mascara to stay on throughout the day, doesn’t mean we want it to rip out our lashes when we’re trying to remove it – right??

Below I’ve listed some of my favorite waterproof mascaras to get us through the summertime – from the ones that will give you the most volume, to the best length and more.


UDcanonThis gel-formulated mascara is lightweight and doesn’t flake – and will stay on through ocean swims and sweaty summer days.  (Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara, $20,

smashboxSmashbox’s hit mascara, Full Exposure, also comes in this fabulous waterproof formulation. It lengthens and provides volume – basically giving us what we all want. (Smashbox Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara, $20,

scandleRimmel’s Scandal Eyes mascara has an extra-fluffy brush to help you reach every last lash. (Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Mascara, $6.99,


Revlon’s Grow Luscious mascara has a tapered brush to help coat even the smallest of lashes. Plus, the “plumping” formula helps to fill out and make your lashes appear fuller than they really are. (Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Waterproof Mascara, $7.99,

falsiesMaybelline may have the iconic pink and green Great Lash mascara, but we also have a soft spot for this purple tube. The Falsies mascara has a special curved brush, helping to give you extra oomph to every last lash. (Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara, $6.99,

lancomeLancome’s Hypnose Drama mascara has an S-shaped brush to grasp on to your lashes and give them extra volume and a full-on fringe. (Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof Mascara, $27.50,

butterflyL’Oreal’s Voluminous Butterfly mascara has a winged out tip to it’s brush (like a butterfly wing) to really reach each little lash (especially the small ones near the outer corners). (L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Waterproof Mascara, $8.99,
lashblastCovergirl’s LashBlast has a volume-boosting formula to its mascara, plus, it doesn’t flake and stays put – it’s waterproof after all! (Covergirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara, $8.99,
Don’t see your favorite waterproof mascara on the list? Let me know what your go-to summer mascara is in the comments!
Peace, Love and Lipgloss xx

10 Things That Happen To Every Girl Who Does a Cat Eye

Beauty Junkies and rookies alike will tell you that right now, the look to have down pat is the cat eye. Flattering on just about everyone, learning how to do a cat eye has become a staple in every girl’s beauty arsenal. With that learning comes a lot of trial and error, as figuring out how to get your winged liner right every time takes a whole lot of practice. Whether you’re in the midst of training yourself via YouTube tutorials or you’re an old pro, these are 10 things that are bound to happen when you apply a cat eye.

You run out of Q-Tips.
These things are a godsend when it comes to fixing up the outer flicks of your cat eye, and it you always seem to run out (or lose them all together) when you need them the most.

You search Pinterest for a tutorial.
There has to be an easier way. Maybe there’s a tool you’re not using? Whatever it is, there will be a pin.

You open your eyes before the liner is dry.
Rule #1 when using liquid liner: keep your eyes closed for a minute when you’re done for dry time. But no one really times this though, and we all end up with slick black creases. Hellooo Q-tip!

You try the tape trick.
Oldest trick in the book (and one I swore by before discovering Shadow Shields) Putting clear tape at an angle against your eye to draw the perfect winged flick. This almost always ends in irritating your delicate eye area when pulling off the tape.

That one tiny speck of mascara ruins the line.
Just after you get the lash line smooth, you apply mascara and get a speck of black just above where the eyeliner ends. Good luck surgically removing that with a Q-tip!

You sneeze.
It’s like your nose times it until you finish the perfect flick. The worst.

Liner gets all over your fingers, which gets all over your face.
Just accept that this will be happening and budget in some extra time for clean up. It’s inevitable.

You paint a couple of eyelashes together.
If you’re using a brush and pot, your lashes will undoubtably wind up stuck together somewhere along your lash line.

When both of your wings are magically even on both sides, you tell the world.
Snap chats, Instagrams, text messages and Pins will be happening because you deserve it!

Your friends compliment your makeup.
Bask in the glory, people, because your hard work paid off!

Peace Love and Lipgloss xx

10 Beauty Blunders We All Make


Its said that 9 out of 10 women make beauty mistakes…and some don’t even know it! Whether its because of misinformation from old folk tales, teen magazines or your avant garde drama teacher, we’ve all fallen victim to beauty blunders at some point in time. Fear not though, here’s how to rectify the crimes. Welcome to beauty bootcamp:

1. Washing Your Hair Too Often
Frequent washing can strip hair of their natural oils but with dry shampoo to hand this is an easy-to-break bad habit. Try washing every two-three days if you can.

2. Applying Too Much Conditioner
We actually over-apply most beauty products, but conditioner is the most common one. Concentrate it on the lengths and ends where your older hair is damaged and leave your virgin roots to naturally condition themselves.

3. Not Using a Heat Protector
Heat styling from hair-dryers as well as irons, tongs and wands can frazzle your hair if it’s not well shielded with product. The result is frizz, dryness and brittle locks. Boo.

4. Tying Your Ponytail in the Same Place
Always wear your hair up in a tight pony? Try not to tie it in exactly the same place every day as it causes tension on the hair which over time can weaken it.

5. Not Washing your Makeup Brushes Regularly
It’s pretty obvious: bacteria build-up can lead to blemishes. Aim to give your brushes a clean once a week or fortnight using a gentle clarifying shampoo or baby shampoo.

6. Neglecting your Neck
Do you want a face like a baby’s with a neck like a turkey’s. No. Make sure you cleanse and moisturise below the chin – and don’t forget SPF too.

7. Over-Treating and Over-Covering Spots
Spot treatments work on your skin for hours, so make sure you always follow the product instructions – they’re there for a reason! Likewise, don’t cake them in concealer, your skin needs to breath and you can often end up highlighting a spot of bother unnecessarily.

8. Applying Foundation Before your Moisturizer is Absorbed
Moisturiser needs time to absorb so give it at least a minute before you start applying foundation. This also avoids your makeup thinning, peeling off when the formulas react, or getting a streaky finish.

9. Plucking Eyebrows Too Close to the Mirror
If you pluck too close to the mirror you find yourself looking at every hair rather than looking at the overall shape of your eyebrows. This can leave you with thin, and/or uneven brows. Instead use a large mirror and take a couple of steps back so you can see your whole face, not just your brows.

10. Having Yellow Nails
Nail artists and polish junkies will know that consistently covering your talons in colour can leave them stained yellow. The only way to prevent this is by always wearing a base coat. And remember that a top coat makes your manicure last, so don’t skip that either.

Oh, Lorde: MAC’s New It Girl


Since she hit the scene last year, Lorde has had us mesmerized by her killer coolness, her oh-so-simple vampy style and of course, her music. When I heard earlier this year that Lorde and M·A·C would be collaborating, I squealed in excitement for a minute had a feeling we would see some dark, moody lip shades and of course a trusty black liner.

With official announcements and photos released earlier this week, Lorde has delivered “Pure Heroine,” a deep plum lipstick, and a black-aMAClordes-night “Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapidblack.”  The lipstick will be listed for $16 while the eyeliner will be $19.50.

The limited-edition collaboration will be available at and in the M·A·C stores in Times Square and on Fifth Avenue in New York City, from June 5 to July 3.

A huge “atta girl” to Lorde, who at 17 has already taken the world by storm and has surely left her mark. I myself am a big fan not only of her music, (I downloaded Pure Heroin the week it was released and listened to it on repeat for 3weeks!)but also of her wiser-than-her-years outlook on beauty, the media, and life overall. This, my friends, is the girl you want your teenager to look up to.

What do you think of the M·A·C Lorde collection? It is what you’d expect to see in a collab between M·A·C and Lorde? Will you be purchasing it? Let’s chat in the comments!

Peace, Love and Lipgloss x