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Bridal Makeup Applications
*signed contract & 50% deposit required to reserve your date.

Bride’s Makeup: $175.00
∙In-studio beauty consultation & custom-designed bridal makeup application 1 month prior to your wedding date (trial appointment)
∙On-site Makeup Artistry on your wedding day at your home or chosen venue within Windsor/Essex County
∙Your flawless, camera-ready bridal application on your wedding date
∙A touch-up kit for those just-in-case moments on your wedding day including your lip colour, a small jar of powder and a compact mirror
∙Both applications include airbrush makeup & any style of false lashes

Bridesmaids/Moms Makeup+Lashes: $75

Jr. Bridesmaid Makeup: $40 (ages 13-16)

Flower Girls blush+lipgloss: FREE (ages 12 & under)

Why Airbrush Makeup?

  • Buildable coverage
  • Extremely light-weight on the skin
  • Perfectly natural in person and HD photos
  • Silicone-based formula stays flawless for 12+ hours, no touch ups required
  • Suitable for every skin type; oil-free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof & transfer-proof…cry tears-of-joy, dance all night and your makeup won’t budge!
  • A custom-blended match for every complexion!

Brides who select Melissa Lux as their beauty professional also receive the following perks:
∙A certified beauty professional, on-call for all of your beauty-related questions & recommendations leading up to your Wedding Date

∙A touch-up kit on the wedding date containing Q-tips, blotting papers, a small jar of powder, a double-mirrored compact and your lip colour with a wand applicator. Lip colour touch-up’s provided for bridesmaids.

∙A $10 discount on each additional service booked for the bride leading up to the wedding date, such as;
Engagement Photos∙Boudoir Photos∙Bridal Shower∙Ladies Night Out∙Bachelorette Party∙Rehearsal Dinner∙Personal Beauty Shopping

Non-Bridal Makeup Applications

All prices include your choice of false lashes from our variety of styles.


Airbrush Makeup $65
Light-as-air silicone-based formula by TemptuPro is custom-blended to match your unique skin tone and lightly misted through the airbrush. This buildable coverage foundation is suitable for all skin types, even mature, oily or very sensitive complexions! It’s waterproof properties and 12+ hour longevity make this the best choice for hot summer days.

Regular Formula $60
Full-face application using professional-quality traditional formulas such as cream and/or liquid foundation.


Vegan/Cruelty-Free Application $60
Full-face application using professional-quality certified Vegan/Cruelty-Free products. Vegan lashes & tools also available.

Please contact me via the form on the FAQ page to discuss my availability and your appointment/wedding day details. A 50% deposit and signed contract is required to book your date & services.


11 thoughts on “Makeup Menu

  1. I wish you lived in Washington to do my makeup! A couple questions, if you don’t mind: What false lashes do you like? Also, what is your fave foundation for weddings?

    • Aw how sweet! If I’m ever in the area for whatever reason I will certainly let you know! Always always ask me whatever questions you have, it’s part of my job!

      Right now my favourite false lashes are #110 and #120 by Ardell. They’re around $5/pair and can be reused 10-15 times if cared for properly and can be found at Target or any other drug store. I also like some of MAC’s but I find the strip on them can be a bit thick and hard to work with, sometimes popping up throughout the day, and they’re about 3x the price. I guess my biggest piece of advice would be look for something natural-ish with a thin band and trim them down if necessary. Sometimes lashes are too long and give themselves away as being fake.

      As for wedding foundation, I usually stick with MUFE HD. It’s a bit pricey and heavy for everyday wear but looks gorgeous in person an even better in photos. Another cheaper option is Revlon Color Stay, it’s easily a duplicate at a fraction of the cost. A big
      pointer when looking for foundation is if you’re going to be photographed is look for foundation WITHOUT SPF as it will cause flashback an make you appear white.

      Thanks for asking, I hope I covered everything for you! Also, thank you for following, it means the world. ❤

  2. Hi there I’d like to book a special occasion makeup with the air brush upgrade on may 9th if you have any openings please and thank you

  3. Do you have appointments available for this Saturday for a special occasion make up application? I know it is your busy season so I understand if you are booked!!

    • Hi Shayna,

      Thank you for your interest in Lux Makeup Artistry!

      For Friday November 18th I currently only have some availability in-studio, which is located in Harrow, Ontario. If you are able to join me in Harrow I will gladly squeeze you in. Please feel free to contact me at to discuss details, such as the time you would like to be completed by.

      Looking forward to hearing from you,

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